at Steppin Razor Muay Thai Leeds

Steppin Razor Thai Boxing Gym was established in Leeds in 2000 by Steven Deane after training under, and then coaching alongside Richard Smith at the Bad Company Gym for many years.

Joined by fellow Bad Company student David Riley, they both have many years of experience in both coaching & fighting.

Steven started out in boxing as a school boy, and has been involved in Muay Thai since the early 1990’s.

David’s fighting career started under Richard Smith, Stanley Tudor & Steven Deane, and he has excelled as a fighter.


The keystone for any regular sporting participation, this part of your training will determine your your ability to train regularly in the sport both short and long term. At Steppin Razor, we have the expertise to make this process enjoyable, progressive and very effective.

Ready To Compete

Muay Thai is the perfect sport to lose weight, enhance your all round fitness, gain self confidence, respect, and improve your ability to defend yourself. Although everyone does not go on to compete in this highly competitive and popular martial art, for those of you that do, you are in very good capable hands at Steppin Razor.

The Challenge

To train and perform to the very best within your own capability, the challenge for one individual will be totally different from one person to another. Ultimately, you have the answer to what the challenge will be.

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